Google AdWords Campaign

Why it is important to entrust professionals when setting a Google AdWords campaign?

First and foremost, be aware that the PPC (Pay per click) campaigns that Google AdWords offers are not about accidental word selection and the addition of a sponsored link description. The choice of the best words is made by the specialized tools that Google offers. Why do we have to guess and assume what customers are really looking for when in the same time we can measure and estimate it quite accurately. However, for this step customers increasingly subcontract the outside companies. But what’s next? Continuous oversight of the campaign – customers say: „If it was a good campaign, now I can control it by myself”. However, the limited budget and high expectations always complicate campaign’s process.

Google AdWords

The tasks that are done during the campaign

The goal of companies and people running SEM campaigns is to reduce cost, increase conversions, and enhancing the efficiency of ads. To accomplish this, a lot of things need to be done repeatedly:

    • Constant per click bid management
    • Optimize existing and create new sponsored links
    • Search, add new, more accurate keywords
    • Search for new key phrases (elongation of „long tail”)
    • Create, analyze, measure conversions
    • View and analyze statistics, find weak points
    • Tests of different versions of sponsored sites and links
    • Detect and report on fake clicks

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, they must be constantly refined. Only a continuous testing, measurement and optimization process will keep your PPC campaign running at the right budget.

Why it is worth to invest in Google Adwords?

With Google AdWords you do not overpay
You only pay for each interaction with your ad. Depending on your marketing goals, charges are based on clicks on your ad or per 1000 displaying. For each AdWords campaign, you set a budget that will never be exceeded.

Fast results
Within a few minutes, your ads will be able to appear in high positions on Google search (inorganic results) by showing your ad to potential customers. Your ad will target a specific audience, so chances of interest in a product or service are high.

Full control
Unlike traditional advertising e.g. in press, radio and television, you have complete control over the effectiveness statistics of your AdWords campaigns. Furthermore, you have access to those statistics at any time, what gives the ability to optimize your ads in real time and reach your potential customers while reducing your campaign costs.

Fair competition
With properly running Google AdWords campaigns, you can compete with the best in your business are.

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